What is Debt Counselling?


Debt Counselling is a process where the Debt Counsellor will negotiate on your behalf to pay less on your debts per month, by making an offer (proposal) to your Credit Providers which they can accept or not.  This is according to the National Credit Act.  It is not administration, but a law that protects you.  If your repayment of all your debt is eg. R10000 p.m.   We make an application to reduce it to about R5000 p.m.   This way you have more money every month to use for your living expense, like Groceries, Water & Electricity, Petrol, Cell phone, clothing ect.  If you want to pay off your debts faster after a few months or years, you can do so.


How to Apply For Debt Counselling:


We will do a FREE ASSESSMENT to see how Debt Counselling will work for you.  We will need the following documents to be able to do so:

·         Latest Payslip

·         3 months bank statements

·         Statements of ALL your Debts

·         Copy of your ID document 


You can make an appointment with us or you can email us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



How much are you paying on debt per month?



Our Mission is to uphold a high level of competency and professionalism while assisting clients whom is over-indebted by arranging with creditors to decrease payment amounts to suit their financial needs.


To get people out of debt and into financial freedom.